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James Luck is an award winning and highly respected painter of Australian birds and wildlife. He began a full-time career as an artist at the age of sixteen in the early 1980's. He quickly captured the attention of the art world with his accurate representation of Australian birds in their natural habitat. He has exhibited both in Australia and internationally since 1985.


James’ love of native flora and fauna is reflected in his exquisite work. He spends much time in the bush studying native wildlife to capture their habits and their environment in his artwork.


James has contributed work to many publications including the 'Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds', the cover illustration for Dr David Suzuki’s book ‘Wisdom of the Elders’ and a postage stamp for the Australian Koala Foundation. He was also featured in Penny Olsen's book 'Feather & Brush, 3 Centuries of Australian Bird Art' which has just been re-released by CSIRO Publishing in May 2022.


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